Privacy Notice

1. Retention of Personal Data

Personal Data you provide to us when registering a .ie domain name will be kept:

  • for the lifetime of the registration, and
  • for a period of two years after the domain deletes
  • Documentation you provide to us will be deleted 30-days after your domain is registered.

    If your request is unsuccessful, we will delete Personal Data and any documentation you provide to us within 7 days of the request being cancelled or expiring.

    2. Why we process Personal Data

    We process Personal Data provided to us so that we can register .ie domain names and manage the .ie namespace

    We process Personal Data in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions and Policies:-

  • Registrant Terms and Conditions
  • Registration & Naming Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Data and Document Retention Policy
  • WHOIS Policy
  • These are available at Our Policies
    You must review these before sharing your Personal Data with us.

    3. Location of Processing and Disclosure

    We process Personal Data provided to us in the European Economic Area (E.E.A) and in the United States of America (U.S.A.)

    We do not share Personal Data provided to us to any third parties, other than:-

  • with Irish national law enforcement agencies and Regulatory Authorities
  • where a Court Order requires it
  • with the nominated Domain Contacts
  • with the service providers selected to provide dispute resolution services in accordance with the .ie Dispute Resolution Policy, including the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
  • with those who are contracted to provide technical and support services to the IEDR (subject to strict confidentiality and privacy protection clauses)
  • 4 .Questions: contact us by email to Privacy Questions